What We Do

EIMS offers a wide-range of services designed to help your business
Dominate Your Local Market

website design services

Small Business Websites - Website Design

Mobile Ready Design. All our websites include Google’s required pages, an SSL security certificate, basic SEO with home page Title and Description tags, Safe and Secure Back-up, Google Analytics and Sitemap.

SEO service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services are tailored to our client’s needs. We can improve a current website with poor SEO or build a website with content that is fully and properly SEO’d.

content marketing services

Content Marketing

Content will remain “King” in the eyes of Google. Fresh and original content focusing on customer’s need is necessary. Content can be written articles/posts, videos or a combination of both.

google my business services

Google Business Profile Listing

A Google Business Profile page is a must have for any small business that wants to be found in their local market. Services include initial claim and optimization, listing management and content posting, and review and reputation management.

local search services

Local Search Marketing

Or, Local SEO! A major element of competing in your local marketing. This includes List Building (Online Presence Management), Review and Reputation Management (across major directories, social media and review sites), and Social Marketing. Get the free tools to make it easy!

email marketing

Email Marketing

Any business owner knows the acquisition cost associated with getting a new client or customer. Email marketing helps preserve your customers… across the customer life cycle. Helps to retain customers as loyal, repeat buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why WordPress®?
A website is just a website unless you advertise and promote it to get visitors or traffic. The major driver of traffic to a website is Google. It controls over 70 percent of the search market in the US. And WordPress® is optimized for Google search. Our WordPress® sites have a modern design and are mobile responsive, which means your visitors will be able to view your site whether they use their laptop, tablet or phone
Wouldn't it be better to have a website developer come to my place of business so I can design my site exactly the way I think it should look?
We create websites that do one thing: GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Most people spend far too much time, effort and money creating a pretty website that looks “just right.” We build sites that work without any unnecessary “frills” that slow them down. And we concentrate on getting your site up and running quickly so you can start making money.
I have a pretty good website. Why aren't I getting any leads?
In order for your local business to be found online, you need sites like Google, Yelp, and Yahoo! - sites with authority - pointing to your site. And every reference needs to be setup in a certain way. One error and you'll never even show up. Our Local Business Listings system automatically syncs your data across a network of over 40 local directories to make sure you get found.
How do I get people to stay on my website long enough to call me?
People will read, watch or listen to your valuable content. Valuable content is the only sure way to engage and build a relationship with your visitors. That’s how your visitors get to know, like and trust you. Very few people want to sold and even fewer will buy from someone they don’t even know. However, they have very little resistance if someone they know, like and trust, recommends a product or service.
How do I grab people's attention so I can present my offer to them?
You need a way to turn qualified visitors, or leads, into clients. But before that happens, you need to grab their attention so they can see your offer. The best way to do that is with video. Video captures - and holds - visitors’ attention, projects your core values to them and shows them what it’ll be like when they’re your client.
I get a lot of visitors but very few leads. What's wrong?
Marketing professionals say that the average buyer needs to see your offer about 7 times before they call. Yet after someone visits your website the first time, they often never return. You need a proven way to get those visitors back. One of the best ways to stay in touch with your website visitors is through email - it's still one of the best, cheapest and most effective ways of developing a relationship with your visitors, leads, and customers.

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