Our Internet Marketing Performance

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Internet marketing performance is measured by an agency with a proven conversion rate.

A proven conversion rate can only be depicted by showing actual sales. The purpose of this article is to show the components we use to maximize our Internet marketing performance.

We start by using an integrated internet marketing strategy that focuses on our clients having a properly SEO’d business website and a Google Business Profile (GBP) page. Our process is geared toward getting our clients into the Google 3-Pack.

We are successful, not only getting this business into the Google 3-Pack, but also getting him to the top position.

internet marketing performance measurementAs shown on the left, our client, the Law Offices of Daniel J Guenther, sits at the top of the Google 3-Pack. This is prime Internet Marketing real estate.

Google is essentially recommending our client to their customers looking for a “bankruptcy attorney in Waldorf,” Maryland.

We are successful, not only getting this business into the Google 3-Pack, but also getting him to the top position. However, this is not proof of a conversion rate.

Tools Used to Reach Our Internet Marketing Performance Goals

Before we show our proven conversion rate, we will provide you an idea of the tools we use to get our clients into the Google 3-Pack. In all cases, the tools we use are

  1. Organic search engine marketing,
  2. Local SEO,
  3. Social Media Marketing (Facebook Business Page),
  4. Online Presence Management (List Building),
  5. Reputation Management,
  6. A GBP page and
  7. Content marketing via a blog or articles section on their business website.

Reputation management had a lot to do with this business’s dominations in the Google 3-Pack. It sent Google the important signals they want to see to award a ranking like this. We ensured that all Google Reviews were responded to in a timely manner.

Our Internet Marketing Performance: We Have the Proof!

internet marketing performanceOur Internet marketing performance is proven by the conversion events in this example. The three key metrics are:

  1. Internet Income (conversions) coming directly from Google
  2. Repeat Customer Income and;
  3. Website Income

Actual conversion events, in this case actual income, are hard to get. However, we had a unique relationship with this client.  We had access to his Service Titan account.  This allowed us to track various marketing funnel components that we developed.

The Internet Income was easy to track. It came directly from the client’s Google Business Profile (GBP) page. We were able to master local search for this client by having his GBP page dominate his local market for certain keywords.

The Website Income was also easy to track. We assigned a tracking phone number to his PIW (Plumbers in Waldorf) website.We were extremely pleased with this company’s Repeat Customer Income. It signifies several things. First and foremost, it shows that they have happy customers and provide excellent service. Secondly, it validated our efforts to ensure that all his GBP reviews were promptly responded to.

Another tool we use on all our websites is the box you see below. This is located at the bottom of the website’s Contact Page. It tells us where some the business leads originate and it also grants us permission to place the client on the businesses email marketing list.  We can email them to provide news, updates and special offers. It does not measure conversion or actual sales, but it does provide valuable data.

Contact Page Tracking Tool

A Robust Marketing Funnel

As you can see, this client had a rather robust marketing funnel that we helped develop. It included a Facebook Business Page (not showing results here), Home Advisor, a second website (PIA) Plumbers in Alexandria among other things.

We truly use a holistic approach in managing our client’s businesses.

Want to see how your small business website is performing? We are now offering an Internet Marketing MRI for small business owners. This is a free Internet marketing evaluation of the effectiveness of your website and the many other factors that have an impact on local search and search engine optimization or Local SEO.

internet marketing evaluation

Click on the picture above to learn more!


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Our Internet Marketing Performance

Rick Samara

About the Author

Highly established skills focus on local search marketing (SEO), primarily on getting your business in and at the top of the Google 3-Pack. Content marketing, social media marketing, business listing management, reputation, and review management are critical to your success. These skills are applied to helping your local businesses dominate your local market and get ahead of your competition!

We have a proven track record!

Proof our internet marketing efforts work

We made $53,871 in
for a
Local Client.

This was a small plumbing company with
only 3 techs!

We know what it takes to put your business at the top of your local market.

Can we do the same kind of work for your company?

Google 3-Pack and Revenue Proof that our internet marketing efforts work


Mary Flenniken

“I love working with Rick Samara. He provides a wealth of information on marketing our dental practice on the Internet!

He’s developed an integrated plan that includes our new website design, Google Place Listing and Facebook Fan Page; and he even provided us a free Internet coupon (ZPON) campaign. I’m excited.

He is totally accessible. I can tell his number 1 priority is helping us grow our business. We work together.

He provides constant updates on his activity. It just couldn’t get any better.

If you are not using Rick to market your business on the Internet, you are making a huge mistake!”

Mary Flenniken
Mary Flenniken

Self Empower Coaching

“I knew I needed a website. I did that with GoDaddy. But, that website wasn’t really doing anything to promote my business…

Paul redesigned my website and Rick did the SEO work. I quickly started ranking high in Google local search.

Paul and I now meet every week to discuss new strategies on promoting my business.

And, I learned how to do SEO from Rick.

Paul has helped me create content and products, based on my knowledge and experience, that I can sell right from my website. And, it works! We’re on an amazing journey that I’m confident will not only grow my reputation and business, but will also create residual profit for me with the products Paul has helped me create.”

Deborah Oronzio
Deb Oronzio

Coach Todd

“Working with Rick and Paul has been awesome!

Not only are they very good at what they do, But there’s something more. They are genuinely interested in me and my business. They have helped me do much with my sites, internet presence, video production, and great ideas!

They come with my highest recommendation.

– Compete, Have Fun, Play at the Next Level Coach

Todd Thomas
Todd Thomas

Guenther Law Offices

“Rick Samara’s Internet marketing services and strategies are a “sure fire” success for small business owners.

He explained to me the advantages of claiming my Google Place Listing (now MyBusiness) for my law practice.

I wanted to target a specific geographic area to increase my visibility. Rick did it… fast! He now has me on Google page one for valuable keywords that relate directly to my practice and consistently creates new business for my firm.

If you want results, talk to Rick!”

Dan Guenther
Dan Guenther

Judy Helm-Wright

Paul and Rick have been very responsive to help on the various forums. For me, that is a sign of a true service-oriented business who serves others.

Judy Helm-Wright
Judy Helm-Wright

James Galloway

“Rick is a true professional. I have worked with Rick before and am amazed by his constant ability to deliver regardless of the job at hand.

His attention to detail is simply superb and to pin point his area of expertise is difficult as he covers so much.

Anybody looking to work with Rick is truly in safe hands and I am more than happy to recommend him and his services.”


James Galloway
James Galloway

Jerry Deason

“eInternet Marketing Services has exceeded my wildest expectations! Rick built my original website and he and Paul have recently modernized it. It looks fantastic, and it’s maximized for smart phone (mobile) search and local search.

Bottom line… they make my phone ring with new business customers. I’m proud to contribute to their our testimonials page!

If your goal is to get on the first page of Google for local search and increase your business, they do it better than anybody else!”

Jerry Deason
Jerry Deason